Thursday, June 27, 2013

World War Z: Brad Pitt Runs from Zombies Across the Globe

The other day, a friend and I decided to go see World War Z on a whim. Neither of us had heard much about it and I barely remembered the trailers I had seen for it. So, I went in with as little knowledge as possible, knowing the film had Brad Pitt and zombies. That's it.
Now, I don't like zombies; they were the next logical step in overused monsters after vampires and werewolves became too mainstream (the next step is Frankenstein's monster). They're everywhere! Videogames, TV shows, comic books, regular books, and now regular books turned into motion pictures featuring high profile actors who are married to Angelina Jolie.
Going in with only expectations of lots undead bodies and lots of running, World War Z did not disappoint. It kind of left me breathless.
And I mean that literally. This movie is a roller coaster ride! There is so much tension that it puts the "tense" in "intense." Throughout the film a zombie is always right around the corner, just waiting for any noise to chase after in hopes of finding human flesh to feast on. Also, the characters are in a huge rush to find a way to stop the zombie outbreak before all of humanity becomes brain-hungry-undead. Everything depends on a few people finding a way to save the human race.
It's stressful to watch. My heart was pumping the entire time ... not that my heart doesn't pump all of the time, it was just working over time during those two hours.
The movie does a great job of getting the viewer emotionally attached to the main character and his family as they try to escape Philadelphia and find a safe place to wait out the zombie apocalypse. I found myself actually worrying for these people who don't actually exist.
I don't want to spoil anything about the movie, so I won't talk about the story. Just that I found it to be compelling and perfectly paced to keep you interested.
And I think what I liked best about World War Z was how they went about fighting the zombies. It wasn't outrageously gory. If a character stabbed an undead corpse in the head, it was done with the camera close up on the living human and not on the dead one. There wasn't blood and guts everywhere as one might think would be in a zombie movie. It was very tastefully done, and as someone with a weak stomach, I very much appreciated it.
As I walked out of the theater the only words I could come up with to describe the film were "terrifyingly beautiful" and I still stand by that a few days later. It was chilling and exciting and very well done. Honestly, I really want to read the book now! That doesn't happen when I see the movie before reading the book (lookin' at you Hunger Games).
I highly recommend seeing World War Z. Even if you don't like zombies. Or Brad Pitt.

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