Friday, July 5, 2013

Paperman: The Short I Wish Was Longer

Earlier today I finished my review of Wreck-It Ralph and put up here on the blog. In my post-publishing happiness I reflected more on the movie and remembered something that deserved just as much attention: the short before the movie.
When my friends and I went and saw Wreck-It Ralph in theaters last year, I remember being a little surprised at the fact that it started with a short animated film. That is something Pixar does, not Disney (they're very different). However, this seven minute animated extra absolutely blew me away.
Paperman takes place in the 1940s or '50s and is the story of a guy and a girl who meet at a train station and how paper airplanes bring them together (a little too literally). It's a better love story than Twilight (which isn't difficult to do), in just a few minutes (which is difficult to do).
No words are spoken in the short, only beautifully playful music composed by Chirstophe Beck plays in the background. And it's perfect without any words. So much is said in the silence and the music hits you with waves of emotion as you watch the story of the two characters, George and Meg, unfold.
The short is absolutely beautiful and the animation is astounding and truly unique, a combination of traditional hand-drawn animation and CGI.
Paperman won an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. Wreck-It Ralph, the movie to which it was attached, only got nominated! The short did better than the movie, and as I said previously, Wreck-It Ralph was great.
Definitely make sure you watch Paperman when you watch Wreck-It Ralph, or even watch it on its own.

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