Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pitch Not-So-Perfect

For some reason in the past few years a capella groups and music have become quite popular (especially on college campuses). From huge successes like Straight No Chaser to television competition shows like NBC's The Sing-Off, this unique music style has flooded the ears of the population with instrument-less renditions of songs we all know and love - and sometimes hate -, like this ...

Last fall, a movie highlighting the popularity of a capella music in colleges sang and danced its way into theaters. Girls all across the country dragged their boyfriends to see Pitch Perfect.
The movie follows a girl, Beca, who is forced to go to college by her father. She also gets forced to do extracurricular activities which lands her in the all girl a capella group on campus, the Barden Bellas. This is just one group of about five by the way. The school's singing groups compete and sing songs in a way that clearly shows that the evil award-winning all guy group, The Treblemakers, is the best. Beca and her girl group struggle to get better and work as a team while she develops feelings for the nerdy guy from The Treblemakers who loves The Breakfast Club. The a capella groups compete in regional competitions and then more competitions until finally it's the Barden Bellas against the Treblemakers. I'll go ahead and let you guess who wins and how it ends (hint: it is a chick flick and therefore a happy ending is required). It's basically Stomp the Yard for white people with singing and dancing as proven by Buzzfeed.
I remember girls I know talking about how much they loved this movie after they saw it last year. This past January while on a 30 hour bus ride for a school trip I got around to seeing it. Twice, unfortunately.
Admittedly, I kind of enjoyed Pitch Perfect the first time I watched it. It was a little funny and the a capella music was pretty catchy. Then I had to sit through it a second time and immediately I quickly realized that was a mistake. The cute romance in the movie was now boring, the funny parts was now annoying, and the a capella music was ... still pretty good.

As a member of the male gender I would say that Pitch Perfect is okay for a chick flick. It's a movie I would suggest a guy see once. And only once. And only if he is watching it with at least one girl. The story is predictable, the acting is okay, and there are some funny parts. Really the only redeeming quality of the movie is the music, which is appropriate because the music is the point of Pitch Perfect.
While a film about singing and dancing in an organized fashion might not be appealing to most young men, the ladies ate this crap up! Most of the girls on my college campus couldn't stop talking about this movie. Singing the songs, referencing scenes, quoting one-liners spat out by Fat Amy (yes, the fat girl's name is Fat Amy), it was just ridiculous!
Honestly, I might have been a little more positive toward this movie if every girl I knew hadn't talked about it. They gave it so much hype, and then hyped it up more even after I'd seen it twice and thought it wasn't that great.
But by far the most annoying thing to come out of Pitch Perfect's popularity is the cup song "Cups." I dislike this song for three main reasons, and they are as followed:
1. I heard it EVERYWHERE. On the radio, in my friends' dorm rooms, groups of girls singing it in the cafeteria, EVERYWHERE. I thought I was going insane.
2. Just about every girl or guy with some musical talent has covered this song. Even some girls from my school who sang it at dinner in the caf covered it. Stop it! There are already more than enough covers of this song! No matter how talented you are, it is too much!
3. Nobody remembers that the cup beat in the background of "Cups" (and the song's namesake) is something most of us saw as children on the great kids' show Zoom.

Pitch Perfect was unfortunately popular enough for producers to think they could milk it for even more money and so a sequel is allegedly in the works for 2015 (Pitch Perfect 2: Pitch-ier). I have no intentions of seeing the sequel, unless I end up on another 30 hour long bus ride and have no other options.

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