Friday, August 9, 2013

Logan Goes to Japan and Gets a Haircut

Just a few weeks ago the most recent X-Men movie hit theaters with a title lacking any connection to the rest of its franchise, The Wolverine, with Hugh Jackman returning for the titular role.
This newest addition to the series (directed by James Mangold) is a direct sequel to the original trilogy. Still feeling guilty for killing Jean at the climax of The Last Stand, Logan has returned to the wilderness of Canada and lives off the land only going into town when needed. She still haunts his nightmares.
Also, he looks homeless.
In typical Wolverine fashion, he gets into a bar fight and just before he is about to snikt out his claws, a Japanese girl with a sword shows up. After using her sword to cut up beer bottles and bar stools in a show-offy display, she takes Logan to Japan with her and he gets a haircut.
Short, suave, sophisticated, spiky-ish, and killer sideburns. Good haircut.
Back in World War II, Logan saved a man from the bombing at Nagasaki. This same person, now a successful business man, is the reason why Logan was brought to Japan, he is dying and wants Logan to give him his regenerative healing powers using technology.
Of course, the Canadian mutant declines, the man dies, and Logan goes to his funeral and fights Japanese mobsters on top of a bullet train. Also, his healing powers have mysteriously stopped working.
Logan runs away with the business man's granddaughter to protect her from the mobsters, but totally fails because she gets kidnapped anyway. He then figures out why his regenerative abilities aren't working and performs heart surgery on himself using his bare hands to fix the problem.
Once he can heal again, the Canuck goes to rescue the girl which unsurprisingly is exactly what the bad guys wanted. He fights a giant metal samurai robot (like if Tony Stark had a thing for Japanese stuff), and is saved by the very girl he was trying to save. Isn't that ironic?
While a little slow in the middle, I enjoyed this movie for the most part. It exceeded the quality of the last Wolverine movie and worked pretty well as a sequel to X-Men: The Last Stand and a short scene during the credits brilliantly sets up for next summer's movie (it was my favorite part of the entire movie). This is all surprising since all this week I have credited the better movies of the X-Men franchise to Bryan Singer, yet he was neither director nor producer for this movie. Way to not make a really shitty movie, guys!
I would recommend seeing The Wolverine if you are a fan of the X-Men movies. There are some great action sequences (like the previously mentioned bullet train fight) and it's definitely entertaining. It is a welcome addition to the X-Men movie series in my opinion and is a sign of better things to come for the series.

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