Friday, August 2, 2013

Oblivion is Visually Stunning (Mild Spoilers)

Earlier this year, Tom Cruise and science fiction (not talking about his religious beliefs) came together in the future post-apocalyptic movie, Oblivion.
Set in 2077, the movie takes place 60 years after an alien race attacked the planet. Earth is covered by a thick layer of ash and dirt and the moon is now chunks of rock orbiting the planet. All of humanity now resides on Titan, one of Saturn's moons, due to the use of nuclear weapons to defend against the invasion. Jack (Cruise) and Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) still reside on Earth, working to fix drones that defend power sources from aliens, and are the only two people on the planet ... or so they think.
As the story progresses, some space junk falls to the Earth containing pods of human survivors in a deep-sleep-stasis. Jack goes to investigate the crash site and stops rogue drones form attacking. Shortly after, he gets kidnapped and meets Morgan Freeman, causing Jack to question everything he knows.

When I saw this movie a few months back, I honestly enjoyed it, despite the mixed reviews it received. Sure, the plot is kind of confusing at some points and the acting is a little over-the-top sometimes (what else would you expect from Cruise?), but in my opinion the film's stunning visuals more than make up for any flaws. Just take a look ....
Tom Cruise pondering the great mysteries of life.
Bubble Ship flying over ruined city.
Prime real estate in 2077.
Beautiful, right? The entire movie looks like that. The backgrounds and landscapes in Oblivion are absolutely breathtaking. And the cloud apartment that Jack and Victoria live in has one of the sleekest and most modern designs I have ever seen. Designs only to be out-done by the Bubble Ship, Jack's main way of transportation.
2077 Top Gun remake.
The modern look of the apartment, the drones, and the Bubble Ship (and its secret-compartment-fold-up-motorcycle) are stark contrasts against the natural beauty of the destroyed and lifeless Earth and beautiful skylines. 
Most importantly, though, the movie answers a single question: Who would win in a fight, Tom Cruise or Tom Cruise?
Answer: Tom Cruise
Oblivion is available on BluRay and DVD this coming Tuesday, and I recommend you watch it at least once. Your eyes won't regret it.

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