Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hustle to Go See American Hustle

Just as last year came to a close, American Hustle (not to be confused with 2007's Katt William's American Hustle: The Movie) made its way onto the silver screen and into the hearts of whoever nominates movies for Golden Globes and Academy Awards. This film, directed by David O. Russel, was nominated for seven Golden Globe awards winning three of them including Best Picture, and has been nominated for 10 Oscars. Obviously, people think it's pretty great, including myself.
Just look at how great that cast is.
Taking place in the late 1970s, American Hustle follows the story of Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) and his mistress Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams), two quite talented con artists. The duo is caught red-handed by an FBI agent, Richie DiMaso, played by a very perm-headed Bradley Cooper, and get roped into helping him investigate white collar crimes and corruption. This leads them to meeting New Jersey's favorite mayor Carmine Polito (Jermey Renner) and a whole load of shenanigans (also read as "the plot") ensue. Also, DiMaso wants to bang Sydney, Rosenfeld becomes friends with the mayor questions everything, and Jennifer Lawrence's character, Rosenfeld's wife, gets drunk. A lot.
She was perfect for the role.
I would try to better sum up the plot, but in all honesty it's kind of difficult to figure just what exactly this movie was about. So much happens and parts of the story is narrated by two people at some points, it really is a mess. However, this took away little from the overall quality of American Hustle.
While the plot was lacking and unclear, the cast and the characters makes up for everything. Lawrence's role as Rosalyn Rosenfeld, essentially a 1970's real housewife of New Jersey, was downright hilarious. She was a terrible wife, the Picaso of passive aggressive kung-fu, and damn was it funny to watch her blow up a microwave and blame it on her husband. Also, Christian freaking Bale went from Batman to fat-man for this film. Two years ago he was the Bruce Wayne, the pinnacle of human physique and intelligence and vigilante extraordinaire. In American Hustle, Bale's Irving Rosenfeld is a bald, chubby, scumbag with an elaborate comb over that competes with Donald Trump's. The first five minutes of the movie is just his character fixing his comb over ... and it was strangely entertaining.
The comb over may as well have been its own character.
Cooper, Adams, and Renner also did very well in their roles, but Lawrence and Bale undoubtedly stole the show.
According to IMDB, American Hustle falls under the film genre of crime and drama, but when I walked out of the theater I was pretty sure it was a comedy, too. It is nothing but entertaining and certainly deserves every nomination and award it received.

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